background investigationsFlatirons Private Investigations can research criminal records, arrests, convictions, sex offender status, aliases, bankruptcy filings, lawsuits, driving records, assets, property ownership, relatives, current and past addresses, their reported real ages, prior reported employment, military service and more.

Are you considering entering into an agreement with a business partner, a marriage or some other significant financial arrangement where the wrong partner can have lasting or devastating consequences? Are you a landlord that is frustrated with the tenant background check you are getting now? Are you still ending up with the wrong tenants?

A background investigation can be as simple as a criminal history check or verifying references on a job application. Some background investigations are more complex and involve going back 10 years into the subject’s past and looking at criminal history and civil records, interviewing former neighbors, co-workers and associates. Background investigations are used for a variety of reasons including pre-employment, pre-marital and for positions requiring, high-level security access or positions of trust. These investigations are conducted to determine a subject’s character, qualification for employment or suitability for marriage, or to identify potential risks.