Whats Happening When You Aren’t Around?

investigate parentsFlatirons Private Investigators will investigate what one parent does, or sometimes does not do, when they have your children. This type of an investigation is called a “parenting time investigation” or “custodial investigation”. This is usually conducted as part of assisting a father or mother with parental rights, parenting time schedules, shared custody or other parental rights. Many of our clients in Colorado are parents who wish to increase the amount of visitation time they have with their child and fear that the other parent is either not with the children or worse, is engaged in some type of inappropriate behavior in the presence of the children.

As licensed private investigators, we conduct surveillance of the other parent when they are with the children to see what really goes on. We regularly find parents who pick up their children for the weekend or evening and then promptly drop them off at the grand parents or at a babysitter’s house or with an unknown person. Sometimes children are left home alone while that parent goes off to party, works a second job or goes out with their new boy/girl friend.

Are you concerned with the spouse’s new girlfriend or boyfriend? Has your child indicated that the new significant other is cruel, abusive or worse? Is your child protected by a restraining order only for your ex to completely ignore it and continue to endanger your child?

We regularly follow the unfit parent while they have scheduled parenting time and document their activities on video. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words and a video of what your ex is really doing with your children will be worth a million words to a judge.