Why Hire Us? Many private investigators are considered to be intelligent and crafty, they can also be secretive, sleuths and unreliable. We often receive calls and are told by clients that “the last investigator stopped returning our calls”. Sometimes we hear that “the last investigator didn’t really help at all”. Or even “I never thought of that, thanks!”.

At the end of the day you want your investigator to be responsive, ethical and experienced.

Here is why we are simply the best Private Investigative Firm in Colorado.

So, Why Hire Us?

Creative People don’t come to us for world-class solutions to uncommon problems. We help you find legal and ethical solutions to your specific problems.

Dig Deeper If you can find something easily on Google, you probably don’t need to hire us. We know where to look and we dig deep to find what we need.

Ethical We don’t use illegal or unethical methods of obtaining information. If you need someone else’s bank accounts information, phone records, emails or medical records, you are wasting your time with us. We won’t hack into anybody’s cell phone or computer. None of this information would be inadmissible.

Transparent Our approach is simple, transparent, proven and detailed. We use open sources, public records and thoughtful and creative investigative techniques to get answers.

Open We have invested tremendous effort in educating you, the client, so you can be your own amateur private investigator, but when it comes to needing a professional, we are always available.

Honest If we can’t help you, we’ll tell you, or help you find someone who specialized in the services that will help you with your case. At the same time we will tell you if you are capable of handling your own case.

Resourceful We have access to a large number of databases and have cultivated many sources in and out of state to help you with your case. We get out on foot and interview people and follow up leads, we don’t just sit at a computer to solve cases.

Commitment No two cases are alike. We guarantee that we will offer you a level of service that is beyond what you expected.

World Class Solutions to Uncommon Problems


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