Colorado’s Best Private Investigator for Infidelity Cases

catch a cheating partnerFlatirons Private Investigations is prepared to help you achieve the peace of mind that you have lost. Often times when you feel that your partner is cheating, you are right, your gut instincts are rarely wrong if we listen to them. However, what if you aren’t? What if you confront your partner and your suspicions are wrong? FPI is an experienced private investigator for infidelity.

Are you trying to catch your partner’s behavior because you just want to know? Are you vetting them because you believe they are “the one”? Do you believe that evidence of infidelity will put you in a better position for divorce, spousal support or child support? All of these are complicated questions for you to decide with the help of your attorney and a private investigator for infidelity. Expect FPI Private Detectives to conduct multiple days of surveillance to provide evidence that they are more than friends.

FPI can get you proof to confirm your worst suspicions or prevent you from making a bad decision. Investigating a cheating spouse or partner is a delicate matter and requires extreme discretion. We will work closely with you and your attorney to determine the proof that you need to win your case.