Private Investigator Cost – How Much?

The first question many potential clients ask when they call us is: How much does a Private Investigator Cost? In the simplest terms, that depends on what you need. Short of answering a question with a question, here is how we set our fees.

Hourly Fees

Hiring a private detective is much like hiring any other professional service provider. Lawyers, accountants, even HVAC professionals are specialists and charge rates based upon their skill level, specialty and expertise. You are hiring somebody who has spent years acquiring the education, licensing and you don’t have to. Hourly rates are the most common fee arrangement. A private investigator gets paid an agreed-upon hourly rate for the hours worked and within an agreed upon budget. These agreements specify a scope of work and expected (but not guaranteed) results. An hourly rate is the most common answer to how much does a Private Investigator Cost.

Flat Fee

Some matters that are more simple and well-defined, such as a bankruptcy filing or an annual tax return, can be charged at a flat fee. For example, something like a background check or locating a person may have a flat fee. [See some of our fees below for how much does a Private Detective Cost]

Contingency Fees

In other instances, professional service providers can work on a contingency basis but not in the State of Colorado. For example an attorney can collect a percentage of the final settlement or a marketing consultant can collect fees based on an increase in sales.

In Summary…

Like most things, you will find a wide range with how much does a Private Investigator Cost based on location, specialty, number of investigators required or the complexity. However, don’t compare one agency with another on the basis of fees alone. You might find a better “deal” at another agency but you will quickly come to realize that not all agencies will produce the same results. A thorough, comprehensive, realistic, ethical investigation is what you should be looking for don’t pay twice for the same investigation by hiring an inexperienced or worse, unethical detective agency.

If you still want to know more…ask yourself first: What is my peace of mind, or my sanity worth?

What is your Budget?

One of the last questions we are going to ask you is “what is your budget.” It tends to make people nervous, but it’s really meant to get a sense of what type of solutions that are within your range. If you have a complex matter or you are trying to find someone you met at a bar and only have a first name, an old job location and the state of birth PLUS you only have a budget for a few hundred dollars, we can still help you. Just be up front, honest and realistic in your expectations.

Our billing is simple, fair, and competitive. We bill an hourly fee, out of pocket expenses (hotels, airfare at cost), search fees, etc. There are never any hidden or surprise fees that you may find with other companies. We never charge mileage unless your case is more than 25 miles away. We always bill from a retainer (money provided up front) and we will never exceed that retainer amount without your approval first, so there will never be any surprises or hidden charges in the end.

We always conduct our investigations in the most cost-effective way for our clients. Utilizing our experience and knowledge of private investigations, we can usually bring our cases to a close much faster than our competition, saving you money in the long run. Experience is key in this type of business and our firm is networked to four others across Colorado, this breadth of knowledge and experience is unparalleled.