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When it comes to asset investigations or a financial investigation, FPI is not always trying to find evidence of mischief or wrongdoing. There are several reasons besides an ex-spouse hiding assets in divorce that someone might be interested in hidden bank accounts, hidden assets, or off shore accounts.

Why hire an assets search investigator or financial investigator?

  1. Assets in Divorce. Hiding money in a divorce is one of the top concerns on both sides of a divorce. Some attorneys automatically suggest a hidden asset investigator be retained while others don’t. If you are concerned, it is best to engage an investigator to find hidden assets or sometimes, unknown assets, so you don’t regret it later.
  2. New Business Partner. Going into business with someone is almost like getting married. You don’t want to become entwined with someone in financial trouble or with other, shaky, business arrangements. Thats when it is smart to undertake a business asset search. A business asset search investigator will uncover information about the primary owners and the business. Consider it smart to conduct due diligence. You need to protect yourself, your business and your family.
  3. A Lawsuit. When people are wronged, they want justice. They take off, intent to hire an attorney and file a lawsuit. If that happens and they win, great, they are in for a settlement. But what happens when there is nothing to pay the settlement? They got their justice and spent a lot of money in fees. To prevent that from happening, most attorneys will suggest an asset research. It’s better to know up front after the asset investigation whether or not there will ever be a chance to collect a settlement. Often, those who suspect a lawsuit will be filed against them will find a way to hide assets, perhaps in off shore accounts, overseas accounts, transferring ownership of assets or creating phony transactions. A hidden asset investigator knows what signs to look for so if there are assets to collect, the search for assets will know where they are.
  4. Child Support, Alimony and Maintenance. This is the after the divorce is final. When payments set out in the court order are not paid. As emotionally charged as the divorce can be, these situations are often part of a “he said/she said” debate and one party doesn’t want to give the other party anything – could be money or satisfaction. Hiding money to show the money can’t be paid is as common as not having the money to pay. That’s why an asset investigation is the tool needed to determine if there are hidden bank accounts, hidden retirement funds or anything else covered under the plan to find hidden assets.
  5. Contest a Will or Estate. Suspecting hidden money and finding hidden assets are two completely different things. Only an assets investigation and recovery will answer the question for good. When family members are at odds, it takes an objective third party to conduct an asset investigation, which could require both a personal asset search and a business asset search, to resolve the matter. A hidden asset search investigator may be able to locate missing assets as well.

No matter what the reason is for hiring an asset search investigator, the outcome is the same. You want facts and truthful data on which to base a decision. And that’s what we do at Flatirons Private Investigations. We find the facts and truth so you can make informed life decisions.