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Our Child Custody Private Investigators specialize in Child Custody Investigations. Our firm has helped many parents cope with this problem. We can follow your spouse or ex during their scheduled visitation to determine unlawful or improper activity while your child is in their care. We can also follow your spouse or ex on their own free time to determine activities, lifestyle, living conditions, persons they are associating with plus more. A background check or extensive due diligence / research may also be conducted on the subject.  Our Child Custody Investigator may also give you an investigation report and a video documentation on the current lifestyle in which that person or your child is living. In addition, we can testify on the investigation findings in any court trial.



The divorce rate is very high today and as a consequence, many marriages end up in divorce leaving a bigger problem behind called “child custody”. The courts usually try to place the child in the care of one of the parents and awards visitation rights to the other parent. The parent awarded the Primary Custody  will usually decide on the child’s school, doctor, etc,.. generally the child will spend most of the time with the Primary Custodian. However, in many cases the court appointed Primary Custodian may not be the best choice for the child’s well being. There are many reasons why one parent may not be the suitable Primary Custodian and in some cases not be suitable for visitation at all. Sometimes one parent may engage in illegal activities or behaviors that would not be suitable for being a Primary Custodian for the child. In other cases, your ex-spouse may start dating a person who has a criminal background history such as domestic violence, sexual assault conviction or a conviction for Driving Under the Influence. In addition, your ex-spouse might have a bad habit of dropping your children off at a friends house, a neighbors house or a babysitter so they can go out to party with friends. Even worse, your ex-spouse may be abusing your child. Call our Private Detectives for details on our Child Custody Investigation Services.