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Recently I became the target of a PI. Not a Spy vs Spy cool battle with surveillance and counter-surveillance – a battle of wits. No, an angry PI throwing mud through the courts vs me to try to elicit a cash payout – sometimes referred to as a nuisance payment. Out of the blue I found myself investigating somebody in my own industry. What I found was disturbing and read like a trashy crime novel, or maybe a great PI Investigating a Trashy Criminal novel. How could this PI get licensed and become a senior member of the premier PI Association in Colorado?

Perhaps one question you should ask when choosing a PI is: “How many people have you sued?” Why does that matter? PIs that are embroiled in multiple concurrent lawsuits with ex’s (clients or spouses or employees) should tell you to run away. Clearly there is something else going on but I digress…

So you stumble upon a PIs website. “Licensed and Bonded plus a member of “XYZAC and ABCSS”. Wow, impressive. Would you be shocked to find out that you could be licensed in Colorado and be a member of such prestigious associations boasting how “professional” they are? This PI is the antithesis of an ethical and moral PI, somebody you wouldn’t trust around your kids (and especially not your bank account), did anybody check their background? I bet you would be shocked that the State Licensing Organization and professional industry organizations took the PI’s word that they were squeaky clean. Well, you say…everybody has some blemishes these days, don’t they? We aren’t talking jaywalking or speeding, are we? Nope. Convictions, Arrests and Accusations of criminal offenses such as Assault with a Deadly Weapon, Domestic Violence, Eavesdropping, Blackmail, Perjury, Molestation…but surely the licensing agency and all those prestigious organizations would drop this PI if they found out.


When presented with an extensive listing (including references) of what was uncovered, they said OMG that is exactly why we advocated for licensing (which just expired) but we don’t want to be SUED by this PI! We will sit back and you can be our champion and we will reap the benefits.

Buyer Beware.