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Divorce is painful, we can help

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Divorce is painful for everybody, protect yourself

Parents are not the only people who get hurt in a divorce. Often times parent will pit the children against the other parent. This is never ideal and unhealthy for everybody involved but it isn’t unusual. Sometimes the other parent moves away and won’t tell you where they live and where they are keeping the kids

Why call Flatirons Private Investigations?

We often get calls to locate the other parent. Weekly we receive a call to locate the parent when divorce proceedings are starting and the other parent “takes the kids”. Usually there is a “reasonable” parent and then there is the other parent. Divorce is a lengthy process and until there are temporary orders or a permanent parenting plan some pa
Divorcerents use the kids to hurt each other.  Short of moving the kids away or taking them out of state, there is little you can do. Of course we always recommend consulting with your attorney but we can usually locate the other parent so that if there is a concern that the police know where to look.

One other reason we receive calls is because the “reasonable” parent realizes that the other parent is just using the kids to get back at them. They don’t want the kids, they might want 50/50 custody to get out of paying child support but as soon as the parent picks up the kids, they are promptly dropped off at grandmas or even left at home alone. Surveillance of the other parent after locating them is important. If you suspect the other parent is drinking and driving, not using car seats, or just dropping them off and going to live elsewhere, we can help. Working with your attorney we will document the other parent’s activities with your children. This can be the key to ensuring that the responsible parent has primary custody.

Keep your cool, document everything, we will too

While we don’t dispense legal advice, a reasonable person standard applies in most cases. If one parent is using curse words, being passive aggressive and simply not willing to be reasonable, text and e-mail is your friend. We find that not only does a phone call go unrecorded, emotions run high and it becomes a he said/she said situation. We will also locate the parent and document evidence to help you.

Did we mention divorce is unpleasant?

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