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Most weeks we receive a number of calls asking for help finding people. Ex-roommates need to find deadbeat ex-roomates. Lawyers, need to find witnesses. Businesses need to find former employees. Parents want to find their runaway children. Ex-boyfriends need to find ex-girlfirends…wait, what?

In those initial 30 seconds we weed out the stalkers or those that wish to do others harm. Clients don’t always tell the entire truth, perhaps just a portion and sometimes none at all. On one occasion a young man told us he wanted to find Mr. X to “kick his ass”. Refreshingly honest but we told him we couldn’t help him. Our high ethical standards prevent us from knowingly helping people wanting to do harm. Harm includes harassment or stalking or a good old fist-fight.

Flatirons Private Investigations has a number of tried and true methods for finding those missing persons that need to be found. Some of these include proprietary databases, social media review and even cold calling that person’s new number. Rest assured that when we take your case we will locate the missing person as soon as possible.

If you do plan to hire a private detective to find missing people, the first step always begins with an initial screening to ensure that the client isnt a party to a protection order (restraining order). Second requires you to convince us that it is necessary to find the missing person. Most clients have Googled the person they are looking for or even paid for a $19.95 search online. We just know how to search for people, as a private investigator its just what we do. Once hired we ask you for as many details as possible. After all, why would you pay us to uncover things that you already know. No detail is too small.

We don’t like liars, cheaters and thieves so don’t hesitate to call us today to find that guy or gal that owes you money, answers or is hiding your teenage child.