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Can a Private Investigator help me find that “Missed Connection”?

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Private Investigators find missing people

Every week or so we receive a call or e-mail about finding a “missed connection”. You had drinks with an amazing guy (but don’t know his name) you made intense eye contact while driving down a busy road, only to lose sight of her…call your local private investigator.

Private Investigator

Missed Connections

The world has changed and life is fast paced. A fleeting glance of a handsome young man might have been just that, fleeting. Now with everybody’s life online, you can find almost anybody, or can you? There are ways to increase your chance of success. One way is posting a “missed connection” on Craigslist. Here is an example of what we routinely receive.

I have a “romantic missed connection” situation & was wondering what you think the possibility of finding him are & about how much it would be? I don’t have his name, but can give a description, know where he worked, the state he was born in (not city or when), & the field of study he was enrolling in, but not the specific Colorado college.

It is easy to believe that you can find anybody, anywhere with just a first name. If you think that anybody can find the “Mike” you met last night but know nothing about him, you are probably not going to have any luck. If you know a bit more like a workplace and a name, it just takes some old fashioned detective work to develop information. Starting with your missed connection’s work, but in this case in high-turnover, low-wage jobs you are unlikely to find a match with just a description. Your investigator will need to have a bit more information or you are just wasting your time (and money if you have hired an unscrupulous PI). I guess this one got away.

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