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Flatirons Private Investigations can help you find out the TRUTH about who you are meeting online. It’s also a good way to find out if they are dating others beside you! – Get Their Real Name & DOB – Background Checks – Criminal Record – Judgments, Bankruptcy – Marriage / online-dating-websiteDivorce Search – Number of Children – Income History – Credit History – Property Ownership – Who They Are Living With – Dating Others Online – If they have other online dating profiles – and more.

With the popularity of online dating continuing to grow, which we think is an absolutely excellent concept if you are safe about it. It has many positive benefits, which can help you in your search for someone new.

With the help of new online dating sites, you can reach people across town or around the world with a few clicks of a mouse.

We always recommend that before you get into a relationship with someone you have met online that you find out about them first to make sure they are the person they say they are. Can it hurt?

Many online dating stories end with: “He seemed like such a nice guy, or I had no idea that he was married”.

Online Dating – Why do I need a Private Investigator?

If you have suspicions or even if you just want to be sure about who you could soon to be involved with, there are affordable options for personal investigations, identity authentication, background checks and credit checks.

There are many dangerous situations that can occur and have occurred in the past due to online dating. People show up with a different identity or intention than what was stated on their profile, catching the subject in a vulnerable state with little room to escape. It is very easy to provide false information via the internet; you can be almost whoever you want to be when using an online site. Criminals and predators now actively join social networking and online dating sites to set up fake profiles that are often stolen from the internet. According to an article in Scientific American, research studies have shown that more than 90% of people lie in their online dating profiles. While some of these lies may seem harmless, others can lead one to believe the person is safe and desirable when they are actually dangerous.

The concept of online dating is appealing to so many people because it gives them access to potential interests that they would otherwise never have found – widening access to the available “fish in the sea,” so to speak. Additionally, the temptation to create an identity that is void of one’s weaknesses is so strong that many forget it even exists. These are a few explanations of why so many people, especially young women, fall victim to dangerous predators on online dating websites. Furthermore, even when someone is not necessarily dangerous, their lies can lead the subject into an awkward or uncomfortable situation. While this is not reason enough to do away with online dating altogether, it should cause one to want more information before allowing themselves to be put in a potentially dangerous situation.