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Call a Denver Private Investigator to find your property or Repossess

The lender hasn’t received a payment in 45 days and they want their property back. Call a private investigator before you send the tow truck to repossess.

Sometimes people don’t make their car payments. Ideally the lender and driver will be able to work together to keep the car with the driver. Perhaps the lender allows the delinquent driver to keep the car, catch up on payments or simply turn in the car. This is not always possible, negotiations fall through and the driver keeps the car, refusing to turn it over to the lender. In one recent case the lender required the dealer to buy back the vehicle. The dealer wanted to repossess the vehicle but could not find it. How does the dealer get their property back?

Where is my car?

The interesting part. How do you (the dealer) find the vehicle? Sure you sent the towing company to the last known address in the middle of the night but the car wasn’t there. Maybe the driver was still out that night, slept somewhere else or moved. How do you know? What do you do? Does the towing company do any background research before heading out to that far away apartment complex in the middle of the night? Doubtful.

At Flatirons Private Investigations, we locate people and property. We find the current address, or multiple addresses of family where your property might be located. Sometimes, the delinquent car owner might attempt to hide the vehicle. Maybe they let a family member use it so they can avoid repossession. It is more cost efficient to send a private investigator to multiple locations, to map the driver’s pattern of life, than to send a tow truck to ten different locations.

The police will not help repossess and it is unlikely that they will get pulled over, especially with temporary tags. Occasionally the driver will put on somebody else’s plates to continue driving the vehicle and avoid detection.

We will find your vehicle and keep track of it until your tow truck provider can get there (we used Robins Towing). We also provide temporary storage for vehicles until you decide what to do with the car.

Repossess Vehicles

Call Flatirons Private Investigations today, get your property back.