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TrekPak Product Review

By October 29, 2017January 6th, 2020No Comments

TrekPak case inserts for private investigator equipment

Occasionally you stumble upon a revolutionary product that fills an urgent need. For Flatirons Private Investigations it is the TrekPak insert (view product). These are standard for the Pelican cases that we use to protect our equipment. The configurable inserts allow us to reconfigure cases for extended trips, travel or to have multiple sets of the same kit. When traveling from our office to the surveillance site it is easier to grab one case of equipment rather than two smaller boxes. These cases also allow a quick switch of equipment from vehicle to vehicle when conducting a multi-day surveillance.

Our latest addition is the iM2200 case, which when it arrives from TrekPak comes with a kit that allows you to design the protection for your specific set of equipment. Ours contains a Sony FDR-AX700 camcorder, Nikon P900 digital camera and a Canon Vixia RF700 camcorder and of course chargers, extra batteries and spare memory cards.

Surveillance kit using TrekPak inserts

Fully equipped surveillance kit

empty case showing TrekPak inserts

TrekPak inserts

Private Investigator Equipment

We will now retrofit our older Pelican cases with these TrekPak inserts. Some of these cases will contain covert equipment and GPS trackers. Occasionally our private investigators have multiple investigation cases in one day and may have to transport multiple equipment cases. By using TrekPak inserts, we can be sure the equipment stays organized and wont break during transport.

The ability to protect our gear is paramount to the success of our cases. Our clients rely on Flatirons Private Investigations to provide them information to make informed decisions.

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