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At FPI we have been serving the needs of law firms and attorneys since 2001 with Witness Interviews. We know every aspect of obtaining the highest quality statements from witnesses. Whether the need for a witness statement is for a civil or criminal case, we have the experience and expertise to get the best possible results.

Witness Interviews – Why Hire a Private Investigator?

Because of the inherent inquisitiveness of investigation work, private investigators can also prove valuable when listening in on a witness’ testimony. Their additional set of finely tuned ears can catch indications of withheld information or aspects of the testimony that may help the case of whoever they are working for.

An investigator can extract pertinent and relevant information from a witness. Using patience and empathy, as well as listening techniques, private investigators are able to confirm or deny statements issued and/or evidence obtained over the course of an investigation.

  • Early in the process, investigators utilize numerous tools to identify potential witnesses, including proprietary databases and extensive networks of industry sources. Additionally, investigators can find contact information, such as an addresses or phone number, for a witness—even if they are hiding.
  • Private investigators are careful to adhere to state laws when meeting witnesses in person—especially if they must show up at a potential witness’s home, place of work, or a scheduled event unannounced to see if the witness will speak with them.  Done right, this is an effective strategy.
  • Investigators also adhere to state laws when cold-calling witnesses or interviewing witnesses expecting their call. For example, there are strict laws regarding when a call can be recorded. These laws vary state-by-state.
  • Investigators are careful with their interview notes and understand they are likely discoverable.
  • Lastly, but probably most important, investigators know that a witness must be treated well during witness interviews.  If the witness is unable to trust the investigator or feels taken advantage of, they are likely to disappear or flip—scenarios all investigators work hard to avoid.