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Child Support Enforcement and Collection: Has your child been deprived of monetary support by a deadbeat parent? Mothers and Fathers who skip out on providing for their children are selfish beyond reason, and must be held accountable for fulfilling their parental duties. Hire FPI to help track down those who think they can hide away from their responsibilities to their children.


Colorado State and local Denver Child Support Enforcement Agencies, as well as most other jurisdictions are mandated under law to enforce court orders, and collect child support. Typically, these agencies are understaffed, and limited in their ability to find deadbeat parents and hold them accountable—they just do not have the time or resources. Those who depend on the government for aid often wait years to see progress on their case, if it even happens at all. It is usually difficult to get information on the status of the case, and struggling custodial parents and guardians are often left in the dark, wondering if they will ever receive the past and current support owed to them. The government annually fails to collect $111 BILLION (2013) in child support owed to America’s children. All the more reason to find out how FPI can help you collect on owed Child Support.


Child Support Investigations

Some methods we use in Child Support Enforcement Investigations:

  • Undercover Covert Operations
  • Skip-tracing (locating the persons whereabouts)
  • Public Records Search
  • Hidden Asset Investigations
  • Background Investigations
  • Surveillance

… and More


Since the government’s investigative techniques are both predictable and superficial, deadbeat parents quickly learn how to live beneath the radar, and avoid being located. Fortunately, the Private Investigators (private detectives) at FPI are infinitely better equipped than government workers to quickly locate, and build a case against the deadbeat parent that you want to find and force to pay child support. Deadbeat parents don’t usually expect to be the target of surveillance, and are often unaware of the wide array of skip-trace resources that Private Investigator’s use to follow a paper trail to the Deadbeat’s doorstep. While the Deadbeat is feeling smart and safe, the investigators at FPI are busy snapping pictures, obtaining hidden assets records, and gathering the evidence needed to compel immediate collection of past-due and current support payments.


Just because the absent parent stops paying doesn’t mean the child doesn’t need the financial support. Look out for your child’s present and future well-being by assuring that your family receives the money it is entitled to now by getting a free consultation with FPI.